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We provide
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Proven protocols and modalties

Wellness Check up and Therapy

The BIOREZ META generates and receives frequencies to determine detailed information about your health.

Back Corrective Technique (BCT)

BCT (Back Corrective Technique) is a series of specialized protocols designed to align the hips and spinal column through soft tissue manipulation and stretching. This technique is based upon neuromuscular reset once tension is removed from attachment sites and more specifically the Golgi tendon organ. BCT targets specific muscle groups and anatomy trains to identify and correct the root causes of muscle skeletal pain and dysfunction. For appointments wear yoga or workout type clothing easy to stretch in for the first half of the bodywork session. The second half is more typical type of massage which includes modalities such as deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, and active stretching.

Sustainable Wellness Village

Creating a working model off grid facility and home providing all basic needs and education regarding life.

Energetic Medicine & Development

We strive to be a reliable source of wellness information pertaining to the products, services and research emanating from the field of bioresonance.


Flame of Creativity

The gift and ability to create is what makes humans special. As we learn to truly know ourselves, connect to ourselves and nature, we can move into a higher vibratory state and flow of abundance in the collective consciousness awaits.



We are invloved in many projects to help create a world we love to live in. Our goal is always to empower each other by sharing information, knowledge, and wisdom to use tools and methods to end suffering, create abundance, to heal ourselves and the planet.

Biorez Wellness

Diagnostics and Therapy

Sacred Journey

Non-profit foundation dedicating to sharing alternative medicines

Casa de salud

100% sustainable village


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

This technology is incredible. You can safely and effectively find out how to heal and detox you system. Not only does the bio-Rez scanner let you know what is in your system that needs looked at, but they also offer practical and strategized therapies and protocols to deal with any health issues that come up. I would highly recommend that everyone goes at least once to get a scan and begin with the therapies involved! Ryan

Ryan McKenna

I have had the opportunity to have some work done  from BioRez and will continue to do so for many reasons. On first meeting, the BioRez Meta machine which I describe as a bioresonance feedback machine. My understanding is it uses energy frequencies throughout my body and translates it into a computer program. I was having some issues with my eyes, they were extremely blood shot red and itchy out of no where. After my diagnostic it confirmed I was exposed to mold in my neighbors house, yikes! On top of this, Seth is an absolutely phenomenal body worker. Both massage and adjustments. If you want information as to how your body is doing AND plus some bodywork don’t hesitate to contact this business.

Adriane Gil

Skin Deep Vitality

Specifically I have had painfully swollen lymph nodes visible on the surface of the skin. After one treatment with the machine used during the diagnostic, the glands have reduced in size by more than 50%, the pain level dropped from 7 to 2 and additionally the chronic hives I have had for a month now have had a very minimal flare up today. I highly recommend consulting the BioRez professionals for your health concerns to bring about more clarity, reduce pain, and work with the many aspects of the human energetic system as a whole.

Monica Marie


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